Why I'm Running

I am running for Idaho Senate because in so many ways Idaho is what America was meant to be. Why is Idaho’s population growing at such a fast pace? We have become a hope for others. They are leaving states that did not preserve the American dream, knowing it’s still alive in Idaho. Yet, even we have overburdensome government taxation and regulations, a constant obstacle to success. Private businesses know when government gets out of the way they can thrive and help society. The future of our state depends on sound decisions and transparent processes. I will provide these in the Senate because I want you to be the one in charge of your life, your future, and your money; so you and your family can live the American dream, as was intended two centuries ago.

— Todd Hatfield

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I am running for Idaho Senate because I want to defend Your Life, Your Future, and Your Money from the overreach of government.

Campaign News

Star, Idaho – Dollars and Deception or the Rule of Law?

Last week the Star City Council rejected the concerns of its citizens by adopting the Comprehensive Plan and Impact Area changes on the Agenda without proper notice. At the Public hearing on 4/19/18, the Council voted to continue the Public Hearing to a specific time and date (7/24/18 @ 7pm) …

Funding Ada County’s Infrastructure Without Raising Taxes

State and Local Ada County Governments have hundreds of millions of dollars in Unrestricted Funds that could be used for roads. This money is not found in the budgets, never talked about and often denied existence. These funds do exist though and are published in the Annual Financial Reports. This …

Your District 14 Senate Candidates and Homeschooling Rights

Your District 14 Senate Candidates and Homeschooling Rights

Homeschooling is an important issue in the District 14 race and as a homeschooling father, I could not allow the clear differences among myself and my opponents to remain unaddressed. Of the gentlemen in this race, two one decided the subject matter was not pertinent enough to even answer the …